Schooner Bluenose

Lunenburg: Schooner Bluenose monument -4

Schooner Bluenose

1921 – 1946

Photographs of Plaque

Lunenburg Lunenburg County Nova Scotia

Located at the intersection of Falkland Street with Victoria Road

GPS location: 44°22’37″N 64°19’10″W

Nova Scotia, Lunenburg: Schooner Bluenose plaque

Photographed on 17 May 2003

Nova Scotia, Lunenburg: Schooner Bluenose plaque

Photographed on 4 April 2007

Nova Scotia, Lunenburg: Schooner Bluenose plaque
Plaque date: 1953

Lunenburg: Schooner Bluenose monument
Looking southwest

Photographed on 17 May 2003

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Canada postage stamp 1998, schooner Bluenose and William Roue

On 24 July 1998, Canada Post issued a single 40mm×26mm stamp to commemorate the life and achievements of William Roue, designer of the legendary schooner Bluenose. The stamp design superimposes a head-and-shoulders image of Roue over a recreation of the 1929Bluenose stamp. The denomination of the Bluenose stamp has been changed from the original 50¢ to45¢. The designer, Louis C. Hebert of Montreal, says “we can see that Roue is looking into the distance – away from the Bluenose – like a visionary”. The First Day Cover carried a HalifaxNS cancellation mark. The centre of the cancellation features an image of the Bluenose surrounded by water. The envelope’s cachet features a detail from the famous Bluenose photograph by W.R.MacAskill, “Starboard Lookout”. 9,000,000of these stamps were printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company. They were on sale from 24July 1998 to 23July 1999, in panes of 25stamps. The stamps are denominated at 45¢.

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