Photographs of
Sobeys Industrial

Pictou County
Nova Scotia

Location: 123 Foord Street, Stellarton

GPS location:   45°34'22"N   62°39'27"W

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial Monument, 123 Foord Street

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial Monument, center plaque

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial Monument, interpretative plaque

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial Monument

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial Monument, left side plaque

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial Monument, right side plaque

The above photographs were taken on 5 May 2003.

What is a "Cornish pump"?

What is a “Cornish pump”?

The term "Cornish" refers to the operating cycle of these engines (not to the manufacturing location).  The main characteristic of a Cornish engine is that the pumping is done by a massive weight falling under the influence of gravity.  This weight, positioned above the pump cylinder(s), is linked to a beam, with the piston attached to the opposite end of this beam.  The weight is raised as the piston is driven downward by a combination of steam pressure above and vacuum below the piston.  During the pumping stroke, as the weight falls, the piston is returned to the top of the cylinder.  There is no rotation (circular) motion involved in a Cornish engine cycle.
Source: Kew Bridge Steam Museum

Cornish Pump Videos

Grand Junction Ninety Cornish Pump 4:10

KBSM majestic giant steam engines 3:05

Boulton & Watt 1820 beam engine 1:01

90 Inch beam engine valve gear 0:41

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

New Glasgow: Westray Miners Memorial Park Westray Miners Memorial Park New Glasgow

Westville: Miners Memorial monument 1891 Miners Memorial monument 1891 Westville

Trenton: Workers Monument Workers Monument Trenton

Stellarton war memorial Stellarton war memorial Stellarton

New Glasgow: War memorial monument New Glasgow war memorial New Glasgow

New Glasgow: Pictou Highlanders obelisk Pictou Highlanders obelisk New Glasgow

Admiral Murray monument Admiral Murray monument Pictou Landing

Walmsley Lodge 1785 monument Walmsley Lodge 1785 monument Pictou Landing

Little Harbour: 82nd Regiment 1779-1783, plaque 82nd Regiment 1779-1783, plaque Little Harbour

Stellarton WW1 memorial plaque Stellarton WW1 memorial plaque Stellarton

Admiral Leonard Murray memorial Admiral Leonard Murray memorial Pictou

Pictou County Acadians, River John Pictou County Acadians, 1700s River John

Pictou County Acadians, Caribou Island Pictou County Acadians, 1700s Caribou Island

Caribou Island war memorial Baird Family memorial Caribou Island

Westville war memorial Westville war memorial Westville

Pictou: Dawson plaques Dawson plaques Pictou

River John: War memorial monument River John war memorial River John

River John: Legion Remembrance Gardens Legion Remembrance Gardens River John

Moose River Gold Mine Moose River Gold Mine collapse Moose River Gold Mines

Antigonish Memorial Field Memorial Field Antigonish

Colin Chisholm Park Colin Chisholm Park Antigonish

Commercial Cable Company telegraph office Commercial Cable Company telegraph office Hazel Hill

Anna Swan monument Anna Swan monument Central New Annan

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