Sir John Wentworth 1737 – 1820

Government House, Halifax -4

Sir John Wentworth 1737 – 1820

Governor of New Hampshire 1767 – 1775

Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia 1792 – 1808

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Halifax Nova Scotia

Located on the grounds of Government House, Barrington Street, Halifax

GPS location: 44°38’36″N 63°34’19″W

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Sir John Wentworth plaque, Halifax

Photographed on 28 November 2002

Sir John Wentworth plaque, Government House, Halifax

Photographed on 28 November 2002

Government House, Halifax

Photographed on 28 November 2002

Government House, Halifax

Photographed on 28 November 2002

10 March 1774: Province of New-Hampshire, proclamation by His Excellency John Wentworth
Province of New-Hampshire
Proclamation by His Excellency John Wentworth
10 March 1774
Source: Historical Collections for the U.S. National Digital Library
An American Time Capsule
Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera

Governor of New Hampshire 1767-1775 Governor of Nova Scotia 1792-1808

Sir John Wentworth
by Peter Landry

Sir John Wentworth
by Wikipedia

John Wentworth II: the last Royal governor of New Hampshire

Governor John Wentworth and the American Revolution
by Paul W.Wilderson

Government House

Sir John Wentworth

The Wentworths: a benevolent aristocratic family dynasty of appointed governors

…When Governor Wentworth discovered a mob pointing a cannon at his home,
he took the hint. Wentworth removed his family to Boston and later to Nova Scotia…

John Wentworth
NH’s last British leader did his best to keep peace,
but John and Frances Wentworth had to flee … John Wentworth engendered
less ill-will among Americans than almost any other highly placed
British official in the colonies. Yet, in spite of favorable sentiment,
Wentworth could not avoid the decree of history and became one of the
tragic figures of the American Revolution…

Proclamation by His Excellency John Wentworth, 10 March 1774

Governor Wentworth’s Volunteers: Report of Formation
16 October 1777

Joshua Wentworth House
…John Wentworth’s Wolfeboro house was palatial
in size. One hundred feet wide and forty deep, it was one of the great mansions
of New England. The Governor spent several summers in the house as work
continued on it. In 1775, however, as revolutionary events reached
New Hampshire, Wentworth left the province never to see Portsmouth
or Wolfeboro again…

Wentworth Estate historic marker

Governor Wentworth: letter to Governor Gage
14 December 1774

Governor Wentworth: letter to the Earl of Dartmouth
20 December 1774

Governor Wentworth: Official Proclamation
26 December 1774

Benning Wentworth

Benning Wentworth (governor of New Hampshire 1741-1766)
was the uncle of Sir John Wentworth.

Benning Wentworth
by Wikipedia

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