Sir Robert Laird Borden

Nova Scotia: Sir Robert Borden monument, Grand Pre -3

Sir Robert Laird Borden

Prime Minister of Canada 1911 – 1920

Photographs of Monument

Grand Pre Kings County Nova Scotia

Located on the south side of Highway One at the Grand Pre intersection,
opposite the Irving service station

GPS location: 45°06’10″N 64°18’18″W

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Nova Scotia: Sir Robert Borden monument, Grand Pre
Sir Robert Borden monument Grand Pre, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Photographed on 30 September 2002

Nova Scotia: Sir Robert Borden plaque, Grand Pre
Sir Robert Borden plaque, Grand Pre Plaque installed 1954

Photographed on 11 December 2002

Nova Scotia: Sir Robert Borden monument, Grand Pre
Looking across Highway 1 from the Irving service station

Photographed on 18 June 2007

Nova Scotia, Map showing location of the Sir Robert Borden monument at Grand Pre
Map showing the location of the Sir Robert Borden monument
Grand Pre, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Roads are shown as they were in 1956. Except for Highway 101, the
layout of the roads in 2013 has not changed much from that shown here.

Planter 2010 Celebration in Nova Scotia

Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden, a great internationalist,
was the chief architect of Canada’s independence.

Heath Macquarrie, emeritus senator, in a letter to the editor
printed in The Globe and Mail on 4 January 2000.

Robert Laird Borden, Prime Minister of Canada 1911-1920, was born at Grand Pre,
Kings County, Nova Scotia, on 26 June 1854; he died at Ottawa on 10 June 1937.
He was a leading figure in the achievement of Dominion Status, and in the transition
from the British Empire to the British Commonwealth of Nations. His leadership during
World War One was remarkable…
[The Canadian Encyclopedia, Year 2000 Edition
McClelland & Stewart Inc., Toronto, 1999]

Prime Minister Robert Borden is long forgotten but shouldn’t be.
To elevate the country from colonial status, Canada had to show
its mettle on the battlefields. Borden was a tough war leader who
capitalized on the valour of our fighting men in the First World War
to secure greater independence from the empire.

Lawrence Martin

in The Globe and Mail on 16 April 2013.

Robert Borden’s leadership was among the most significant by
any of Canada’s early leaders. It fell on his shoulders to lead
Canada through the trials and tribulations of the First World War.
A generation of young Canadians gave their lives in the mud and
bloody despair of the European trenches between 1914 and 1918.
In crafting the peace, however, Sir Robert did not break faith with
them, insisting that at Versailles, Canada would sign the treaty
that ended the war as a proud and independent nation.
At Paris in 1919, with the eyes of the world’s leaders upon him,
Sir Robert Borden did just that, putting Canada firmly on the road
to full nationhood. Some of his own supporters, in fact, feared
Borden was advancing the cause of Canadian sovereignty and
nationhood too far and too fast. The eighth prime minister would
have none of it. That is perhaps his greatest accomplishment…

Robert Borden, Canada’s forgotten giant

by Mike Duffy, in the National Post, 21September2011

Former Prince Edward Island Progressive Conservative MP and parliamentary secretary Heath Macquarrie — before 1957 he was a history professor at St.Dunstan’s (now the University of Prince Edward Island) – could make history live. Iwill never forget an afternoon in1960 when, over rum and cokes, he kept me wide-eyed with his sweep of WorldWarOne and Canada’s role at the Battle of VimyRidge. Heath said that, two years later, in1919, at the Versailles’ Peace Talks, PrimeMinister RobertBorden told the British there would be no back seat for Canada at the peace table when she had a front-row seat at Vimy Ridge.
– Pat MacAdam’s column “Victory Set in Stone” in the OttawaSun, 8April2007

Canada’s eighth Prime Minister, Sir Robert Borden,
made his first appearance on Canada’s $100bill in1961.
The Globe and Mail, page F10, 25June2011

Sir Robert Laird Borden
by Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

Sir Robert Laird Borden
by Wikipedia

New England Planters And Borden Genealogy
Berwick Register, 1 July 1954
“…a monument is being constructed at Grand Pre to commemorate
the centennial of his birth on the 26th of this month of June…”(1954)