Ebenezer Bigelow Shipyard

Bigelow shipyard monument, general view -1

Ebenezer Bigelow Shipyard

1838 – 1919

Photographs of Monument

Canning Kings County Nova Scotia

Located on the south side of Main Street (Highway 221) at the Pleasant Street intersection

GPS location: 45°09’25″N 64°25’05″W

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Bigelow shipyard monument, general view

Ebenezer Bigelow shipyard monument

The above photographs were taken on 8 July 2003

Planter 2010 Celebration in Nova Scotia

1866 July

Schooner Escape

When fire swept Canning’s main street in July 1866, a small schooner was
under construction on the stocks in the Bigelow shipyard. The wooden ship
was ready for launching except for her spars, rigging, and sails. As the fire
drew near, Ebenezer Bigelow saw the tide was high, and made a snap
decision to launch immediately. Quickly, a crowd of people clambered on
the vessel’s deck, seeking to escape the flames. Later, the vessel would be
named Escape. In 1874 Escape’s luck ran out. She was lost with all
on board near Digby Gut, Nova Scotia.
— Source: Stanley Spicer, in The Canning Gazette, Issue #127, July 1998

Canning Monument Salutes Famed Shipbuilders
by Ed Coleman
Kentville Advertiser, 5 August 2005

Bigelow Shipyard Monument


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