The Ovens
Gold Mines

1861 June – December

(The name "Ovens" refers to the natural sea caves.)

Photographs of

The Ovens
Lunenburg County
Nova Scotia

The Ovens: historic plaque

Is this one of the rare examples of a typo on a metal plaque?

"The Ovens yielded 120,000 in gold..." makes no sense.
120,000 ounces? No. This site produced less than 600 ounces
in 96 years. What measure does the "120,000" refer to?

It has been suggested that this is a mistake, perhaps by the
foundry, perhaps in the information supplied to the foundry.

Maybe the 120,000 was meant to be £20,000 and the "£" was
mis-read by someone. However, this does not agree with the
historic price of gold, which was about £3 to £4 per ounce
in the 1860s, at the peak of the Ovens production. A reasonable
estimate of the total value of this site's gold production is
closer to £2,000 than to £20,000.

The plaque text is a mystery.

The Ovens: historic plaque, general view
The Ovens: general view, historic plaque

The Ovens: coast below the plaque
The Atlantic Ocean coast below the plaque

The above photographs were taken on 20 March 2003.

Links to Relevant Websites

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Troy Ounces of Gold Produced

The Ovens (1862-1958) 550.4 troy ounces   17.1 kilograms

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