War Memorials and Historic Monuments in Kings County

This guide provides a comprehensive look at the war memorials, historic monuments, and plaques found throughout Kings County, Nova Scotia, each with its unique story and significance in Canadian history.

Avonport – Veterans Memorial View Park (2004)

Veterans Memorial View Park

Scenic park opened in 2004 overlooking Avon River with monument for veterans.

Berwick – War Memorial (1921)

Berwick War Memoria

Stone memorial erected in 1921 pays tribute to 248 Berwick residents who served in World War I.

Blue Mountain – Cemetery Monuments (1866)

Blue Mountain Cemetery Monuments

Cemetery association maintains 19th century cemetery with over 75 historic monuments.

Brow of Mountain – Aircraft Crash Memorial (1942)

Aircraft Crash Memorial

Memorial placed in 1942 marking site of WW II bomber crash on North Mountain.

Canning – Harold Borden Monument (1902)

Harold Borden Monument

Stone cross monument erected in 1902 honoring Boer War veteran Harold Borden.

Canning – War Memorial (1921)

Canning War Memorial

Granite memorial erected in 1921 honors the 35 Canning men who lost their lives in World War I.

Canning – Ebenezer Bigelow Shipyard Monument (1989)

Ebenezer Bgelow Shipyard Monumen

Bronze plaque placed in 1989 commemorates 18th century shipyard of prominent builder Ebenezer Bigelow.

Chipman Corner – Abraham Gesner Monument (1933)

Abraham Gesner Monument

Stone memorial erected in 1933 honoring Abraham Gesner, developer of kerosene.

Chipman Corner – Two Early Churches Memorial (1936)

Two Early Churches Memorial

Stone cairn erected in 1936 paying tribute to the Cornwallis Baptist Church (1788) and Chipman Corner Methodist Church (1791).

Church Street – Marguerite Woodworth Tombstone

Marguerite Woodworth Tombstone

Gravestone with unique 1774 inscription for Marguerite Woodworth, wife of pioneer Simeon Perkins.

Gaspereau – Perez Coldwell Memorial (1885)

Perez Coldwell Memorial

Stone obelisk erected in 1885 memorializes Perez Coldwell, died 1852.

Grand Pré – Robert L. Borden Monument (1922)

Robert L. Borden Monument

Bronze plaque placed in 1922 honoring Canadian Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden at his birthplace.

Grand Pré – 1747 Attack Memorial (1920)

1747 Attack Memorial

Stone memorial erected 1920 recalling 1747 New England militia attack on Acadian settlers at Grand Pré.

Grand Pré – J.F. Herbin Memorial

Herbin Memorial

Bronze plaque memorial honors J.F. Herbin, 19th century physician to the Acadians at Grand Pré.

Grand Pré – H.W. Longfellow Memorial (1908)

Longfellow Memorial

Tablet placed in 1908 commemorates famous poem Evangeline by American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow about the Acadian expulsion.

Hillaton – Sir Frederick Borden Tombstone (1917)

Sir Frederick Borden Tombstone

Marker for grave of Sir Frederick Borden (1847–1917), father of Prime Minister Robert Borden.

Horton Landing – Iron Cross Monument (1917)

Iron Cross Monument

Concrete monument erected 1917 bearing area’s name in iron letters.

Horton Landing – Planters Monument (1930)

Planters Monument

Stone cross erected 1930 commemorates the first Planter settlers in the area.

Hortonville – Acacia Villa School Cairn (1966)

Acacia Villa School Cairn

Stone cairn and plaque placed in 1966 recalling the Acacia Villa School (1874–1941).

Kentville – Legion War Memorial (1946)

Legion War Memorial

Granite memorial dedicated in 1946 honors Kentville war veterans and those who lost their lives in World War II.

Kentville – War Memorial (1926)

Kentville War Memorial

Doric column war memorial erected in Memorial Park in 1926 for Kentville veterans.

Kentville – Veterans Bench & Sundial (1995)

Kentville Veterans Bench Sundial

Granite bench and sundial dedicated in 1995 as memorial for 20th century veterans.

Kentville – Arthur W.H. Eaton Tombstone (1918)

Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton

Marker for grave of Arthur W.H. Eaton (1893–1918), Kentville soldier killed in World War I.

Kingston – Air Training Memorial (2000)

Kingston - Air Training Memorial

Bronze memorial erected in 2000 commemorates the British Commonwealth Air Training program at nearby Greenwood base during World War II.

Kingston – Veterans Lane Memorial (2010)

Veterans Lane Memorial

Series of plaques along Veterans Lane dedicated in 2010 honoring 20th century Canadian war efforts.

Morden – French Cross Monument (1924)

French Cross

Stone monument bearing French inscriptions erected by Acadians in 1924.

New Minas – St. Antoine Settlement Signs (1982)

Antoine Settlement Signs

Historic plaques placed in 1982 mark the location of 1682 St. Antoine, one of the earliest Acadian settlements.

Port Williams – Marsh Body Memorial Plaque (1995)

Marsh Body Memorial Plaque

Bronze plaque erected 1995 recalls the historic 1760 Acadian group burial discovered at Bishop–Beckwith Marsh.

Sheffield Mills – War Memorial (1923)

Sheffield Mills War Memorial

Stone cairn built in 1923 as Sheffield Mills memorial monument for local World War I veterans.

Somerset – Alfred Fuller Memorial (1932)

Somerset Alfred Fuller Memorial

Stone memorial erected in 1932 for Somerset sailor Alfred Fuller who died in the Halifax Explosion.

Starr’s Point – Planters Memorial Cairn (1930)

Planters Memorial Cairn

Stone and concrete cairn erected 1930 honors the Planters first settlers near Wolfville.

Starr’s Point – Prescott House (c. 1765)

Prescott House

Historic house museum, originally built c. 1765 by Planter settler George Prescott Jr.

Starr’s Point – Wellington Dyke (1762)

Wellington Dyke

Earthen dyke first built 1762 by Planters to drain marsh for agriculture.

Wolfville – Acadia Memorial Gymnasium (1950)

Acadia Memorial Gymnasium

Gymnasium building serving as memorial for Acadia University students and alumni lost serving in both World Wars.

Wolfville – War Memorial (1922)

Wolfville War Memorial

Granite memorial erected downtown in 1922 to honor Wolfville’s World War I veterans.

Wolfville – Mona Parsons Tombstone (1976)

Mona Parsons Tombstone

Gravestone for Mona Parsons (1901–1976) who aided Allied airmen escape occupied Europe during World War II.

Wolfville – Stephen P. Benjamin Tombstone (1837)

Stephen Benjamin Tombstone

Gravestone marker for Rev. Stephen P. Benjamin (1769–1837), Loyalist clergyman and founder of Cornwallis Baptist Church.

Wolfville – 1967 Centennial Plaque (1967)

1967 Centennial Plaque

Metal plaque created in 1967 commemorating Canada’s centennial year and Wolfville’s heritage.