Nova Scotia Monuments

Photographs of
War Memorials,
Historic Monuments
and Plaques
in Nova Scotia

Indexed by County

Global Positioning System

For many of these monuments,  the latitude and longitude are given here
as a way of  specifying  the  geographic  position  accurately  in  a format
easy for anyone to use.  When your hand-held GPS unit reports readings
that  match  those  given  here,  you  will  be  within  forty  paces  of  the
monument or tombstone or other historic marker.

These GPS  positions can also be used to  pinpoint  a location on a map,
for example to use a highway map to find how to reach one of these sites.
For plaques located in a building, the  GPS position  given here is that of
the main  entrance  to the building.

Annapolis County

Fort Anne bronze cannonAnnapolis Royal — Fort Anne bronze cannon

Bear River cannonBear River — Bear River cannon

Bear River war memorialBear River — Bear River war memorial

Bloody Creek monumentBloody Creek — Monument: Bloody Creek 1757

Bridgetown war memorialBridgetown — Bridgetown war memorial

Annapolis Iron Mining Company monumentClementsport — Annapolis Iron Mining Company monument

Clementsport war memorialClementsport — Clementsport war memorial

Edward Phinley Morse historic plaques, ClementsportClementsport — Edward Phinley Morse plaques

Rawding Captains monumentClementsport — Rawding Captains monument

Clementsvale war memorialClementsvale — Clementsvale war memorial

Monument: Poutrincourt's 1607 MillLeQuille — Poutrincourt's 1607 Mill monument

Arthur Kennedy tombstoneLeQuille — Arthur Kennedy tombstone

Memorial: Commonwealth Air Training PlanMiddleton — Commonwealth Air Training Plan, 1940-1945

Port Royal Habitation 1605-1613Port Royal — Port Royal Habitation 1605-1613

Scotch Fort 1629 monumentPort Royal — Scotch Fort 1629-1632 monument

Springfield war memorialSpringfield — Springfield war memorial

1849 Nova Scotia Pony Express monumentVictoria Beach — 1849 Nova Scotia Pony Express monument

Antigonish County

Antigonish Memorial FieldAntigonish — Memorial Field

Colin Chisholm ParkAntigonish — Colin Chisholm Park

Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Dominion war memorialDominion — Dominion war memorial

Dominion war memorialEast Bay — East Bay war memorial

J.B. Croak V.C. memorial schoolGlace Bay — John Bernard Croak V.C. memorial school

J.B. McLachlan memorialGlace Bay — J.B. McLachlan monument

New Victoria war memorialNew Victoria — New Victoria war memorial

Sydney Harbour in WW2Sydney Boardwalk — Sydney Harbour in the Second World War

Atlantic Convoys from Sydney in WW2Sydney Boardwalk — Atlantic Convoys from Sydney in WW2

Sydney: Korean War memorialSydney Boardwalk — Korean War memorial

Sydney: V-E Day 50th Anniversary memorialSydney Boardwalk — V-E Day 50th Anniversary memorial

Sydney Forks war memorialSydney Forks — Sydney Forks war memorial

Colchester County

Colchester Acadian Heritage #08Belmont — Colchester Acadian Heritage #8

Colchester Acadian Heritage #09Belmont — Colchester Acadian Heritage #9

Colchester Acadian Heritage #16Bible Hill — Colchester Acadian Heritage #16

Colchester Acadian Heritage #17Bible Hill — Colchester Acadian Heritage #17

Colchester Acadian Heritage #15Brule — Colchester Acadian Heritage #15

Anna Swan monumentCentral New Annan — Anna Swan monument

Colchester Acadian Heritage #22Clifton — Colchester Acadian Heritage #22 Shore Road

Economy war memorialEconomy — Economy war memorial

Colchester Acadian Heritage #02Economy — Colchester Acadian Heritage #2

Colchester Acadian Heritage #01Five Islands — Colchester Acadian Heritage #1

Colchester Acadian Heritage #05Glenholme — Colchester Acadian Heritage #5

Colchester Acadian Heritage #04Great Village — Colchester Acadian Heritage #4

Colchester Acadian Heritage #06Lower Debert — Colchester Acadian Heritage #6

Colchester Acadian Heritage #20Lower Truro — Colchester Acadian Heritage #20

Colchester Acadian Heritage #07EMasstown — Colchester Acadian Heritage #7E Highway 2

Colchester Acadian Heritage #07WMasstown — Colchester Acadian Heritage #7W Highway 2

Colchester Acadian Heritage #21Old Barns — Colchester Acadian Heritage #21 Milltown Road

Colchester Acadian Heritage #10Onslow — Colchester Acadian Heritage #10

Colchester Acadian Heritage #23Riverside — Colchester Acadian Heritage #23 Caddell Rapids

Colchester Acadian Heritage #24Stewiacke — Colchester Acadian Heritage #24 Farmer Clem's

Tatamagouche Naval Encounter monument, 1747Tatamagouche — Tatamagouche Naval Encounter monument, 1745

Tatamagouche war memorialTatamagouche — Tatamagouche war memorial

Colchester Acadian Heritage #12Tatamagouche — Colchester Acadian Heritage #12 Old Highway 6

Colchester Acadian Heritage #13Tatamagouche — Colchester Acadian Heritage #13 Cooper Road

Colchester Acadian Heritage #14Tatamagouche — Colchester Acadian Heritage #14 Creamery Road

Colchester Acadian Heritage #18Truro — Colchester Acadian Heritage #18 Victoria Park

Colchester Acadian Heritage #19Truro — Colchester Acadian Heritage #19 McClures Mills Road

Acadian Heritage Signs
in four counties

Cumberland County

Advocate Harbour: Oldest Settlements plaqueAdvocate Harbour — Oldest Settlements Plaque, 1607

Advocate Harbour: Sea in Our History displayAdvocate Harbour — Sea in Our History display

Advocate Harbour war memorialAdvocate Harbour — Advocate Harbour war memorial

Cumberland County war memorialAmherst — Cumberland County war memorial

North Nova Scotia Highlanders memorial muralAmherst — North Nova Scotia Highlanders memorial mural

E.B. Chandler plaqueAmherst — E.B. Chandler plaque

R.B. Dickey plaqueAmherst — R.B. Dickey plaque

J. McCully plaqueAmherst — J. McCully plaque

Sir C. Tupper plaqueAmherst — Sir C. Tupper plaque

Diligent River: historic monumentDiligent River — Diligent River historic monument

Diligent River: Confederation plaqueDiligent River — Confederation Plaque

Fort Lawrence historical plaqueFort Lawrence — Fort Lawrence historical plaque, 1750

Joggins war memorialJoggins — Joggins war memorial

Maccan war memorialMaccan — Maccan war memorial

A.P. Seaman plaque and tombstoneMinudie — A.P. Seaman plaque and tombstone

Amos Seaman's two churchesMinudie — Amos Seaman's two churches

Oxford war memorialOxford — Oxford war memorial

First Air Mail plaqueParrsboro — First Air Mail plaque

Port Greville war memorialPort Greville — Port Greville war memorial

Richmond war memorialRichmond — Richmond war memorial

Yorkshire Settlers plaqueRiver Philip — Yorkshire Settlers plaque

Springhill: war memorialSpringhill — Springhill war memorial

Simon Newcomb monumentWallace Bridge — Simon Newcomb monument

Wentworth Valley war memorialWentworth — Wentworth Valley war memorial

Westchester Station war memorialWestchester Station — Westchester Station war memorial

Digby County

Barton war memorialBarton — Barton war memorial

Bay View cannonsBay View — Bay View cannons

Loyalist Park cannonsDigby — Loyalist Park cannons

Freeport: war memorialFreeport — Freeport war memorial

Little River war memorialLittle River — Little River war memorial

S.S. Princess Louise monumentPrim Point — S.S. Princess Louise monument

Rossway war memorialRossway — Rossway war memorial

Smiths Cove war memorialSmiths Cove — Smiths Cove war memorial

Tiverton: war memorialTiverton — Tiverton war memorial

Westport: war memorialWestport — Westport war memorial

Westport: Joshua Slocum memorialWestport — Joshua Slocum memorial

Guysborough County

Canso & Hazel Hill war memorialCanso — Canso & Hazel Hill war memorial

Grassy Island historic siteCanso Harbour — Grassy Island historic site, 1744

Captain Savalette plaqueCharlos Cove — Captain Savalette plaque, 1565

Charlos Cove war memorialCharlos Cove — Charlos Cove war memorial

Charlos Cove historical plaqueCharlos Cove — Charlos Cove historical plaque

Cross Roads Country Harbour war memorialCross Roads Country Harbour — Cross Roads Country Harbour war memorial

Goldboro war memorialGoldboro — Goldboro war memorial

Commercial Cable Company telegraph officeHazel Hill — Commercial Cable Company telegraph office

Commercial Cable Trans Atlantic ParkHazel Hill — Commercial Cable Trans Atlantic Park

New Harbour war memorialNew Harbour — New Harbour war memorial

St. Mary's Municipality war memorialSherbrooke — St. Mary's Municipality war memorial

Sherbrooke Presbyterian Church honour rollSherbrooke — Presbyterian Church honour roll

Spanish Ship Bay war memorialSpanish Ship Bay — Spanish Ship Bay war memorial

Country Harbour Loyalist Trail Waterside SiteStormont — Country Harbour Loyalist Trail, Waterside Site

Country Harbour Loyalist Trail Roadside ParkStormont — Country Harbour Loyalist Trail, Roadside Park

Halifax Regional Municipality
(Halifax County)

Military EngineersDartmouth — Military Engineers Alderney Landing

William Roue, Millennium PlaqueDartmouth — Millennium Plaque: William Roue

Sir William Alexander monumentHalifax — Sir William Alexander monumentVictoria Park

Celtic Cross monument, HalifaxHalifax — Celtic Cross monument

Halifax war memorial, Grand ParadeHalifax — Cenotaph Halifax war memorial, Grand Parade

Halifax City HallHalifax — Halifax City Hall

Vincent Coleman tombstoneHalifax — Vincent Coleman tombstone

Captain James Cook monumentHalifax — Captain James Cook monument

Deadman's Island, Northwest ArmHalifax — Deadman's Island

Admiral Walter Hose plaque, HalifaxHalifax — Admiral Walter Hose plaque

Alexander Keith monumentHalifax — Alexander Keith monument Camp Hill Cemetery

Last Post Fund veterans memorial, HalifaxHalifax — Last Post Fund veterans memorial

Fort Massey Cemetery, HalifaxHalifax — Fort Massey Cemetery

Norwegian Memorial, Sackville LandingHalifax — Norwegian Memorial, Sackville Landing

Plaque: Old Burying GroundHalifax — Old Burying Ground plaque

Postal Service in Nova ScotiaHalifax — Postal Service in Nova Scotia

Sailor's Statue, Sackville LandingHalifax — Sailor's Statue, Sackville Landing

Shannon vs. Chesapeake plaque, 1813Halifax — Shannon vs. Chesapeake plaque, 1813

Sir Henry Thornton plaqueHalifax — Sir Henry Thornton plaque

Memorial, unidentified dead, Halifax Explosion 1917Halifax — Unidentified Dead, Halifax Explosion 1917

Welsford-Parker monumentHalifax — Welsford-Parker monument, Crimean War

Sir John Wentworth plaqueHalifax — Sir John Wentworth plaque

Taylor Wood tombstoneHalifax — John Taylor Wood tombstone

Joe Cracker, HMS Tribune plaqueHerring Cove — Joe Cracker, HMS Tribune plaque

Hubbards war memorialHubbards — Hubbards war memorial

S.S. Atlantic 1873, Star of the Sea memorialLower Prospect — S.S. Atlantic 1873 memorial: Star of the Sea cemetery

Moose River Gold MineMoose River Gold Mines — Moose River Gold Mine collapse

Plaque, Duc d'Anville's 1746 Encampment at ChebuctoRockingham — Duc d'Anville's 1746 Encampment at Chebucto

Seabright war memorialSeabright — Seabright war memorial

S.S. Atlantic 1873 memorial at Sandy CoveTerence Bay — S.S. Atlantic 1873 memorial: Sandy Cove

Swissair Flight 111 MemorialWhalesback — Swissair Flight 111 Memorial

Windsor Junction war memorialWindsor Junction — Windsor Junction war memorial

Hants County

Hants Acadian Heritage #16Avondale — Hants Acadian Heritage #16

Bramber war memorialBramber — Bramber war memorial

Brooklyn war memorialsBrooklyn — Brooklyn war memorials

Hants Acadian Heritage #05Castle Frederick — Hants Acadian Heritage #5

Hants Acadian Heritage #20Cheverie — Hants Acadian Heritage #20

Hants Acadian Heritage #18Cogmagun — Hants Acadian Heritage #18

Ellershouse war memorialEllershouse — Ellershouse war memorial

Falmouth: Sainte-Famille Parish CemeteryFalmouth — Sainte-Famille Parish Cemetery

Hants Acadian Heritage #02Falmouth — Hants Acadian Heritage #2

Hants Acadian Heritage #03Falmouth — Hants Acadian Heritage #3

William Hall monument, HantsportHantsport — William Hall monument

Hantsport war memorialHantsport — Hantsport war memorial

Hants Acadian Heritage #08Lebreau Creek — Hants Acadian Heritage #8

Maitland war memorialMaitland — Maitland war memorial

Hants Acadian Heritage #24Maitland — Hants Acadian Heritage #24

Hants Acadian Heritage #14Mantua — Hants Acadian Heritage #14

Moose Brook ChapelMoose Brook — Moose Brook Chapel

Hants Acadian Heritage #01Mount Denson — Hants Acadian Heritage #1 Halfway River

Mount Uniacke war memorialMount Uniacke — Mount Uniacke war memorial

Nine Mile River war memorialNine Mile River — Nine Mile River war memorial

Hants Acadian Heritage #23Noel — Hants Acadian Heritage #23

Hants Acadian Heritage #15Poplar Grove — Hants Acadian Heritage #15

Hants Acadian Heritage #11St. Croix — Hants Acadian Heritage #11

Hants Acadian Heritage #25Shubenacadie — Hants Acadian Heritage #25 Snide's Lake

Hants Acadian Heritage #13Sweets Corner — Hants Acadian Heritage #13 Old Cemetery Road

Hants Acadian Heritage #22Tennecape — Hants Acadian Heritage #22

Hants Acadian Heritage #04Upper Falmouth — Hants Acadian Heritage #4

C.R. Bond memorial plaqueUpper Rawdon — Carl Rufus Bond memorial plaque

Hants Acadian Heritage #21Walton — Hants Acadian Heritage #21

Hants County war memorialWindsor — Hants County war memorial

Flora MacDonald plaqueWindsor — Flora MacDonald plaque

Fort Edward blockhouseWindsor — Fort Edward blockhouse

Fort Edward cannonsWindsor — Fort Edward cannons

Windsor Exhibition founded in 1765Windsor — Windsor Exhibition founded in 1765

T.C. Haliburton plaqueWindsor — T.C. Haliburton plaque

A.L. Haliburton plaqueWindsor — A.L. Haliburton plaque

Robert Christie plaqueWindsor — Robert Christie plaque

Alden Nowlan plaqueWindsor — Alden Nowlan plaque

Hants Acadian Heritage #12Windsor — Hants Acadian Heritage #12 Wentworth Road

Hants Acadian Heritage #07Windsor Forks — Hants Acadian Heritage #7

Acadian Heritage Signs
in four counties

Inverness County

Belle Cote war memorialBelle Cote — Belle Cote war memorial

Cheticamp war memorialCheticamp — Cheticamp war memorial

French Mountain war memorialFrench Mountain — French Mountain war memorial

Inverness coal miners monumentInverness — Inverness coal miners monument

Judique war memorialJudique — Judique war memorial

South West Margaree war memorialSouth West Margaree — South West Margaree war memorial

Whycocomagh war memorialWhycocomagh — Whycocomagh war memorial

Kings County

Veterans Memorial View ParkAvonport — Veterans Memorial View Park

Berwick war memorialBerwick — Berwick war memorial

Blue Mountain Cemetery monumentBlue Mountain — Blue Mountain Cemetery Association

North Mountain aircraft crash memorialBrow of Mountain — North Mountain aircraft crash memorial

Harold Borden monumentCanning — Harold Borden monument, Boer War

Canning war memorialCanning — Canning war memorial

Canning: Ebenezer Bigelow shipyard monumentCanning — Ebenezer Bigelow shipyard monument

Abraham Gesner monumentChipman Corner — Abraham Gesner monument

Two Early Churches memorial stoneChipman Corner — Two Early Churches memorial stone

Marguerite Woodworth tombstoneChurch Street — Marguerite Woodworth tombstone

Perez Coldwell memorialGaspereau — Perez Coldwell memorial, 1852

Sir Robert Laird Borden monumentGrand Pre — Sir Robert Laird Borden monument

1747 Attack at Grand Pre monumentGrand Pre — Monument: 1747 Attack at Grand Pre

John Frederick Herbin memorialGrand Pre — J.F. Herbin memorial

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow memorialGrand Pre — H.W. Longfellow memorial

Sir Frederick Borden tombstoneHillaton — Sir Frederick Borden tombstone

Iron Cross monumentHorton Landing — Iron Cross monument

Planters monumentHorton Landing — Planters monument

Acacia Villa School cairnHortonville — Acacia Villa School cairn

Kentville Legion war memorialKentville — Kentville Legion war memorial

Kentville war memorialKentville — Kentville Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Bench and SundialKentville — Veterans Memorial Bench and Sundial

Arthur W.H. Eaton tombstoneKentville — Arthur W.H. Eaton tombstone

Kingston: Commonwealth Air Training Plan memorialKingston — Commonwealth Air Training Plan memorial, 1940-1945

Veterans Lane military memorialKingston — Veterans Lane military memorial

Morden: French Cross monumentMorden — French Cross monument

St. Antoine, 1682: historic signsNew Minas — St. Antoine, 1682

Plaque: Bishop-Beckwith Marsh Body 1760-1995Port Williams — Plaque: Bishop-Beckwith Marsh Body 1760-1995

Sheffield Mills war memorialSheffield Mills — Sheffield Mills war memorial

Alfred Fuller MemorialSomerset — Alfred Fuller memorial

Planters cairnStarrs Point — Planters cairn Town Plot

Prescott House, Starrs PointStarrs Point — Prescott House

Wellington Dyke, Starrs PointStarrs Point — Wellington Dyke

Acadia U. Memorial GymWolfville — Acadia U. Memorial Gym

Wolfville war memorialWolfville — Wolfville war memorial

Mona Parsons tombstoneWolfville — Mona Parsons tombstone

Stephen P. Benjamin tombstoneWolfville — Stephen P. Benjamin tombstone

Wolfville: 1967 Centennial ProjectWolfville — 1967 Willow Park plaque Wolfville

Acadian Heritage Signs
in four counties

Lunenburg County

Swissair Flight 111 MemorialBayswater — Swissair Flight 111 Memorial

Veterans' Memorial BridgeBridgewater — Veterans' Memorial Bridge

Chester war memorialChester — Chester war memorial

Chester bronze cannonsChester — Chester bronze cannons

Chester Legion cannonsChester — Chester Legion cannons

Norwegian war memorial at ChesterChester — Norwegian war memorial

Chester firemen memorialChester — Volunteer firemen memorial

Chester Basin war memorialChester Basin — Chester Basin war memorial

Chester Basin: Delbert Webber, blacksmith shopChester Basin — Delbert Webber, blacksmith shop

Military Engineers: Gold River BridgeGold River — Military Engineers: Gold River Bridge

Fort Point monumentLaHave — Fort Point monument

Mosher memorialLower LaHave — Mosher memorial

Five Houses cannonLower LaHave — Five Houses cannon

Blockhouse Hill cannonLunenburg — Blockhouse Hill cannon

Montbeliard monumentLunenburg — Montbeliard monument

Schooner Bluenose plaqueLunenburg — Schooner Bluenose plaque

Sack-of-Lunenburg plaqueLunenburg — 1782 Sack of Lunenburg plaque

Camp Norway memorialLunenburg — Camp Norway memorial

Lunenburg: Temperance FountainLunenburg — Temperance Fountain

Military Engineers: Martins River BridgeMartins River — Military Engineers: Martins River Bridge

New Germany war memorialNew Germany — New Germany war memorial

New Ross war memorialNew Ross — New Ross war memorial

M.R. Sabourin memorial plaqueNorthwest Cove — M.R. Sabourin memorial plaque

The Ovens Gold Mines plaqueThe Ovens — The Ovens Gold Mines plaque

Parkdale-Maplewood war memorialParkdale-Maplewood — Parkdale-Maplewood war memorial

Riverport war memorialRiverport — Riverport war memorial

Riverport: John Philip Ritcey monumentRiverport — Ritcey monument

Upper Northfield: war memorialUpper Northfield — Upper Northfield war memorial

West Northfield: war memorialWest Northfield — West Northfield war memorial

Western Shore war memorialWestern Shore — Western Shore war memorial

Pictou County

Caribou Island war memorialCaribou Island — Baird Family memorial

Pictou County AcadiansCaribou Island — Pictou County Acadians, 1700s

Little Harbour: 82nd Regiment 1779-1783, plaqueLittle Harbour — 82nd Regiment 1779-1783, plaque

New Glasgow: War memorial monumentNew Glasgow — New Glasgow war memorial

New Glasgow: Pictou Highlanders obeliskNew Glasgow — Pictou Highlanders obelisk

New Glasgow: Westray Miners Memorial ParkNew Glasgow — Westray Miners Memorial Park

Pictou: Dawson plaquesPictou — Dawson plaques

Admiral Leonard Murray memorialPictou — Admiral Leonard Murray memorial

Admiral Murray monumentPictou Landing — Admiral Murray monument

Walmsley Lodge 1785 monumentPictou Landing — Walmsley Lodge 1785 monument

River John: War memorial monumentRiver John — River John war memorial

River John: Legion Remembrance GardensRiver John — Legion Remembrance Gardens

Pictou County Acadians, River JohnRiver John — Pictou County Acadians, 1700s

Stellarton war memorialStellarton — Stellarton war memorial

Stellarton WW1 memorial plaqueStellarton — Stellarton WW1 memorial plaque

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial MonumentStellarton — Sobeys Industrial Monument

Trenton: Workers MonumentTrenton — Workers Monument

Westville: Miners Memorial monument 1891Westville — Miners Memorial monument 1891

Westville war memorialWestville — Westville war memorial

Acadian Heritage Signs
in four counties

Queens Regional Municipality
(Queens County)

Kempt war memorialKempt — Kempt war memorial

Queens County war memorialLiverpool — Queens County war memorial

Port Mouton war memorialPort Mouton — Port Mouton war memorial

Richmond County

D'Escousse war memorialD'Escousse — D'Escousse war memorial

Sampsonville centennial plaqueSampsonville — Samsonville centennial plaque

Shelburne County

Allendale Shipyard plaqueAllendale — Allendale Shipyard plaque

Barrington war memorialBarrington — Barrington war memorial

Cape Sable Settlers 1761Barrington — Cape Sable Settlers 1761

Barrington: Old Meeting House 1765Barrington — Old Meeting House 1765

Birchtown Black Loyalist memorialBirchtown — Black Loyalist memorial

Carleton war memorialCarleton Village — Carleton Village war memorial

Green Island cannonCentreville — Green Island cannon

Clark's Harbour war memorialClark's Harbour — Clark's Harbour war memorial

Donald McKay memorialJordan Falls — Donald McKay memorial

Fort St. Louis monumentPort LaTour — Fort St. Louis, 1630

Shelburne war memorialShelburne — Shelburne war memorial

CFS Shelburne closure memorialShelburne — CFS Shelburne closure memorial 1995

Woods Harbour war memorialWoods Harbour — Woods Harbour war memorial

Woods Harbour fisherman's memorialWoods Harbour — Woods Harbour fisherman's memorial

Sunbury County
(before 1784)

Fort Beausejour plaquesAulac — Fort Beausejour plaques, 1755

Thomas Dixson, November 1776, plaqueFort Cumberland — Thomas Dixson, November 1776, plaque

Fort Lawrence interpretative panelFort Cumberland — Fort Lawrence 1750-1756, interpretative panel

Frosty Hollow historic plaque, 1751Frosty Hollow — Frosty Hollow historic plaque

Fort Gaspareaux plaque, 1751Port Elgin — Fort Gaspareaux cairn and plaque, 1751

Victoria County

John Cabot 1497 memorialAspy Bay — John Cabot 1497 memorial

Transtlantic Telegraph historic site 1856Aspy Bay — Transtlantic Telegraph historic site 1856

Bell National Historic ParkBaddeck — A.G. Bell National Historic Park

Bell, Baldwin, McCurdyBaddeck — Three plaques: Bell, Baldwin, McCurdy

Baddeck: First Aeroplane Flight monumentBaddeck — First Aeroplane Flight monument

Port Dauphin Naval Base monument, 1713-1719Englishtown — Port Dauphin Naval Base monument, 1713-1719

Englishtown war memorialEnglishtown — Englishtown war memorial

Indian Brook war memorialIndian Brook — Indian Brook war memorial

Ingonish war memorialIngonish — Ingonish war memorial

Neils Harbour war memorialNeils Harbour — Neils Harbour war memorial

Middle River war memorialMiddle River — Middle River war memorial

North River war memorialNorth River — North River war memorial

St. Margarets Village war memorialSt. Margarets Village — St. Margarets Village war memorial

South Harbour war memorialSouth Harbour — South Harbour war memorial

Yarmouth County

Arcadia war memorialArcadia — Arcadia war memorial

Carleton war memorialCarleton — Carleton war memorial

Kemptville war memorialKemptville — Kemptville war memorial

Korean War memorialYarmouth — Korean War memorial

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

Chronology Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques

Links to other websites showing
Nova Scotia war memorials or historic monuments

Monuments in Lunenburg County photographs of all types of monuments in the county — commemoratives, cenotaphs, early settlers, lost at sea, firemen, cemetery...

Pictou County War Memorials

Map: Cenotaph Locations in Pictou County

Pictou and Antigonish War Cenotaphs

Halifax Naval Memorial Point Pleasant Park

Fishermen and Mariners Memorials Atlantic Provinces

Prince Henry Sinclair, 1398 A memorial, overlooking Guysborough Harbour in Nova Scotia, built to celebrate the 600th anniversary, in 1998, of Prince Henry's Atlantic Voyage in 1398

The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada

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