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Government of Nova Scotia
Month Orders In Council
1997 Feb 97-69  to  97-139
1997 Jan 97-1  to  97-68
1996 Dec 96-874  to  96-938
1996 Nov 96-802  to  96-873
1996 Oct 96-728  to  96-801
1996 Sep 96-682  to  96-727
1996 Aug 96-611  to  96-681
1996 Jul 96-524  to  96-610
1996 Jun 96-396  to  96-523
1996 May 96-323  to  96-395
1996 Apr 96-231  to  96-322
1996 Mar 96-137  to  96-230
1996 Feb 96-74  to  96-136
1996 Jan 96-1  to  96-73
1955 Dec Not numbered

Note: Just what part do these Orders In Council play in the everyday working of the Government of Nova Scotia?  The best explanation I've seen is that written by the great Eugene Forsey:

Parliamentary Government, Its Origins

"The Governor General (and each provincial Lieutenant Governor) governs through a cabinet, headed by a prime minister or premier (the two terms mean the same thing)..."  Forsey says little or nothing about Orders In Council, but he says a lot about how a cabinet (provincial or federal) works, and these Orders In Council are the legal written record of the Nova Scotia cabinet's daily decisions about the details of running the government. Forsey explains what a cabinet is, who decides who is in the cabinet and what job each member has, how long a cabinet stays in power, and similar aspects of the Canadian system.

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