Marconi's Transatlantic Telegraph Service

The Transmitter (Condenser) Building

Marconi Towers, Cape Breton Island
Nova Scotia

Figure 16

Remains of the transmitter building at Marconi Towers, 1992, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Figure 16
The Transmitter (Condenser) Building, Marconi Towers, 1992
This is the remains of the centre section of the transmitter building
and part of the north wing. The spark transmitter was on the ground
floor of this section, the battery room was above it, and condenser
plates hung from the rafters in the north and south wings, most of which
were removed before the station closed. The window in the roof has plate
glass panes with holes in them through which the "lead-in" wires passed
that connected the spark transmitter to the antenna array.

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