Swissair Flight 111

2 September 1998
10:31pm ADT

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Also see:   Whalesback memorial, Swissair Flight 111

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Transportation Safety Board
TSB Official Report on Swissair Flight 111
Published  27 March 2003
       Table of Contents
       1.0  Factual Information
               1.14  Fire
               1.6.10  Electrical System
               1.9  Communications
               1.11  Flight Recorders
       2.0  Analysis
       3.0  Conclusions
       4.0  Safety Action
               4.3.3  Aircraft Wiring Issues
       5.0  Appendices
               Appendix C  Swissair 'Smoke of Unknown Origin' Checklist

Swissair Flight 111 Archive

Eighty stories, 1998 September 09
Early hours focussed on finding survivors
Rescue hopes faded as daylight approached, 1998 September 09
Disaster is worst ever for aircraft and company,
Flight 111 represents first fatalities for MD-11, 1998 September 09
Survivors wouldn't have lived long,
Expert says hypothermia would have killed survivors in hours, 1998 September 09
World comes crashing down,
International focus on South Shore in wake of Flight 111 disaster, 1998 September 09
Nova Scotians ready to help families,
Province opens arms to grieving families, 1998 September 16
Rescue and salvage workers will need support
Anyone connected to the tragedy in any way could suffer without aid, 1998 September 16
Crash cause won't be known for some time – Investigators continue
to probe all available information about the Flight 111 disaster, 1998 September 23
Electrical failure might have brought down Flight 111
Investigators say two recorders shutting off at the same time
could indicate cause of crash, 1998 September 30
Officials plan to lift Flight 111 debris
Weather closing in on crash investigation and salvage operation, 1999 January 27
TSB denies flight crew argued before crash, 1999 January 27
Meeting called to consider Swissair memorial, 1999 February 10
Chester charter boat captain sues Swissair for lost income, 1999 February 10
Swissair memorial should be kept simple, 1999 February 24
Blandford healing in wake of air disaster, further tragedies, 1999 February 24
Nova Scotia families bond with crash victims' relatives, 1999 February 24
Swissair gives more money to fishermen, 1999 March 10
Province announces trust fund for Swissair memorial, 1999 March 17
Investigators ponder next move in Swissair recovery operation, 1999 March 17
Lighthouse Publishing recognized for ongoing coverage, 1999 March 17
Legion, company receives RCMP certificates of appreciation, 1999 April 07
Blandford residents decide to keep Swissair donation, 1999 April 07
Scanner silence: new emergency radio system will have ups and downs, 1999 April 14
Three sites named for Swissair memorials, 1999 April 21
Nova Scotia volunteers honoured, 1999 May 12
Crash zone still closed, 1999 May 12
Residents using Swissair fund to save lives, 1999 May 12
Swissair burial site will be announced this week, 1999 May 19
Bayswater chosen as burial site for victims of Flight 111, 1999 May 19
Town hall meeting praises Mounties, 1999 May 19
Swissair workers receive country's top police honour, 1999 June 02
Crash investigators give progress report, 1999 June 09
Swissair memorial designs announced, 1999 June 23
Blandford residents attend Swissair donation and appreciation ceremony, 1999 July 21
Beachcombers asked to watch for Swissair debris, 1999 July 28
The Bulletin, Lighthouse staff win national newspaper awards
..."The Swissair crash in September 1998 killed 229 people and overshadowed
the lives of people living near the crash site.  The handful of staff at
Lighthouse Publishing not only covered the story, but also devoted several
dozen pages to the story over the next four months.  Solid reporting...", 1999 July 28
Wording announced for Swissair memorials, 1999 August 04
Kites will remember crew, passengers of Swissair crash, 1999 August 18
Memorial services announced as first anniversary of Swissair tragedy nears, 1999 September 01
Bayswater becomes final resting place, 1999 September 01
Services mark crash anniversary, 1999 September 01
Crash probe could take another year, 1999 September 01
Song 'Heaven's Open Arms' remembers Swissair tragedy, 1999 September 01
Life goes on - somehow, 1999 September 08
Love lost and found in Nova Scotia, 1999 September 08
Giving thanks for lives lost, 1999 September 08
Still offering support to families, 1999 September 08
Families visit final resting place, 1999 September 08
Families find some solace in pilgrimage to Peggy's Cove, 1999 September 08
Flight 111 families applaud Nova Scotians, 1999 September 08
Sweet release...Kite celebration helped locals let go of Swissair sadness, 1999 September 08
Chester Basin couple brings good news to family, 1999 September 08
Ship's bell marks time of tragedy, 1999 October 06
Flight 111 salvage work ends, 1999 October 06
Swissair entertainment system banned by the FAA, 1999 October 27
Still searching for answers,
Investigators hope to find clues in latest Flight 111 debris, 1999 November 10
Exclusion zone lifted from around crash site, 1999 December 22
Swissair probe reaches another milestone, 2000 March 22
Swissair probe finds new safety concern, 2000 May 31
Swissair crew cut engine before crash, 2000 May 31
Locals split on search for Swissair diamonds, 2000 June 28
Second map light ruled out as cause of Swissair crash, 2000 July 12
'Blessed Stranger' tells story of Swissair aftermath, 2000 August 02
Swissair memories flow during 'Help the Helpers' founder's fountain visit, 2000 August 30
Swissair probe inching along, 2000 August 30
Geneva man makes new life here after losing daughter on Flight 111, 2000 December 06
Aviation industry criticized, 2000 December 06
Cause may never be known, 2001 January 03
Chester municipal council notes
...contract to maintain the Swissair Flight 111 Memorial at Bayswater..., 2001 February 07
RCMP thank union for hall use during Swissair investigation, 2001 February 14
Bridgewater to lose six hours of ambulance service in April
...He pointed to the company's response to the crash of
Swissair Flight 111 as an example of the system's success.
"We had 25 ambulances there within 25 or 30 minutes," he said..., 2001 June 20
'Grand old Granby' pays visit to local waters, 2001 September 19
Mayor's Chowder Club address changed in light of U.S. tragedy
..."We were told that on any given day, there are over 1,000 flights
that pass over here," said the mayor, who noted these figures have
gone up even in the three years since the downing of Swissair Flight 111.
Roughly 500 of the flights are heading to the United States, while the
other half are en route to Europe.  Using an average of 160 people per
flight, that's 160,000 people per day, or 58 million per year, who
are passing overhead, he said, and as such are our neighbours.
"(They) may be a few miles up but nonetheless close by...", 2001 November 28
Lunenburg MLA and Justice Minister introduces five pieces of legislation...
...The Swissair 111 crash...pointed out some of the inadequacies with the
legislative mandate of the Chief Medical Examiner.  It was the Swissair
tragedy that showed it was important to have a modern act that clearly
outlined the responsibilities of the CME to be able to do investigations
and this will make for easier access to obtain documents in fatalities..., 2001 December 19
Still in infancy, OCIPEP takes on larger role after September 11
...the Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency
Preparedness played a role in co-ordinating federal expertise
during the Swissair disaster in 1998..., 2002 July 17
Report into Swissair crash delayed to 2003,
First draft expected to go to officials for review soon, 2002 August 28
Hamming it up: Locals host provincial amateur radio event, 2003 March 05
Swissair report coming this month,
TSB to release causes of 1998 plane crash off Peggy's Cove, 2003 April 02
Pilots could not have saved Flight 111,
Crash a 'wake-up call' for industry about dangers of hidden fire, 2003 August 27
Swissair: five years later, 2003 September 10
Swissair families return for fifth anniversary, 2006 November 08
Hanging up his hat, RCMP corporal closes door on 35-year career
..."Because I was on the dive team, you get
opportunities that guys on just detachment don't get...
Things like Swissair.  I was there for three months.", 2008 May 06
Lunenburg County ground search and rescue celebrates 30 years of service
...The largest task in their history was a mutual aid operation in
Halifax's area after the September 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111
that lasted dozens of days..., 2008 September 02
Retired RCMP diver helped co-ordinate multi-million-dollar effort, 2008 September 02
Timeline: history of the Flight 111 crash, 2008 September 02
Remembering Swissair: Blandford woman has welcomed families for a decade

Table of Contents

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Swissair Flight 111 Archive

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1993 December 02
Pairing of airlines smooths connections
...Recent airline partnerships include Northwest and KLM, dating
from April 1991; British Airways and USAir in May of this year;
Delta and Swissair in June; American and British Midland last month;
Continental and Air France, also last month; and United and Lufthansa,
to start in January.  The goal is to attract more passengers
by making it easier to reach far-flung destinations.  The
partnerships vary, but they typically include coordinating schedules
to make connections easier and "code-sharing," a...term that
describes how two partners sell seats on the same flight...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1996 December 23
Swissair, Delta Partners

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1998 September 04
Boeing Sends Special Team to Examine MD-11 Crash
...The Swissair crash was the first MD-11 crash with fatalities,
and the third major incident...
The Swissair MD-11 was delivered new in August 1991 by
McDonnell Douglas, the St. Louis-based aerospace company
acquired by Boeing last year.  It had taken off 6,554 times
and had logged 35,998 hours of flight time.
Those figures are "pretty average for that age"...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1998 October 16
Insulation Switch Will Cost Boeing,
Airlines Await Final Word

...The FAA's action arose because of last month's
Swissair crash, in which the crew reported smoke in
the cockpit.  Canadian investigators have not
said this was an insulation fire, or that it wasn't...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1998 October 30
Swissair Unplugs Its Suspect Entertainment System

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1999 January 29
Faa Orders Inspection of MD-11 Wiring and Insulation

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1999 February 01
Jet Returns to Sea-Tac After Smoke is Reported
MD-11 is one of the type Ordered Checked

Two hours after taking off, an American Airlines MD-11
jetliner with 79 passengers aboard returned to
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport without incident
yesterday after the pilot reported smelling smoke...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1999 February 02
Md-11 Leaves for Tokyo after Cause of Smoke Found
...The problem turned out to be a short circuit in
a VCR (video cassette Recorder)... The VCR is used
for movies and some in-flight information...
Fire problems on MD-11s have received increasing scrutiny
since a Swissair flight crashed into the ocean in
September 1998 after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1999 February 15
Reports Cite Poor Work in Everett Jets
Record Production Push has Some Buyers Fuming

More than six miles high, the British Airways 747 was winging its
way from Sydney to Bangkok when the pilot and co-pilot detected
a burning smell on the flight deck, and several warning messages
appeared on a crew alert system.  Such ominous signs that
something may be burning are taken very seriously on jetliners
these days, especially after September's crash off Nova Scotia of
Swissair Flight 111.  All 229 people aboard that Boeing MD-11
died when the plane plunged into the sea 16 minutes after the
pilots first reported smoke in the cockpit...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1999 May 04
FAA orders upgrade of 'Black Box' in 737 Jets
...U.S. and Canadian transportation safety agencies have been
recommending better flight data and cockpit voice recorders
with their own emergency power supplies after a number of
recent major accidents failed to capture crucial details.
In last year's crash of a Swissair MD-11 off the east coast
of Canada, the flight data and cockpit voice recorders stopped
working at 10,000 feet because of a loss of power about
six minutes before the plane's impact, killing all 229 people
on board...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1999 August 12
Plane Insulation a Fire Hazard
FAA Orders Removal from 699 MD Craft

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1999 December 16
NTSB Requests MD-11 Changes
Safety Board Calls for Fire-Prevention Efforts

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2000 July 03
United, American scrutinize planes' laptop ports

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2001 May 24
Heaters to be checked on McDonnell Douglas jets

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2001 July 05
Swiss plane freed after protest ends

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2001 November 07
Belgian national airline files for bankruptcy
...He laid much of the blame for Sabena's demise on
the Swissair Group, which bought 49.5 percent of the
Belgian carrier in 1995...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2001 December 31
Online travel business regains altitude

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2002 March 06
Part of Swissair suit dismissed

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2002 May 08
Chinese airliner crashes; 112 feared lost
Insulation in MD-82 could be linked to reported fire

...U.S. safety officials warned three years ago that an insulation
material widely used in McDonnell Douglas jetliners like the one
that crashed posed a fire hazard.  In response to the deadly crash
in 1998 of a Swissair MD-11 that plunged into the ocean after an
in-flight electrical fire, the Federal Aviation Administration in
August 1999 ordered the replacement of insulation material in
about 700 McDonnell Douglas planes in the U.S. fleet, including
the MD-80 series... The fiberglass insulation that has raised concerns
is covered with metalized Mylar... It was used in the DC-10, the
MD-80 series and the MD-90.  It was also used in MD-11s, like
the Swissair jumbo jet that crashed in September 1998 near Halifax,
Nova Scotia, 16 minutes after the crew reported smoke in the cockpit.
All 229 passengers and crew were killed...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2005 April 02
FAA orders jet insulation fix, 2007 September 05
NTSB concerned about potential for cockpit fire
in some Boeing jets

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2007 November 07
New steps ordered for airline wiring, 2007 December 24
Carriers take cue from Boeing fiasco in rolling out Web

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2008 February 01
NTSB investigating incident aboard Boeing 757-200
...Several of the 139 passengers and seven crew members were
taken to a hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.  While the
plane was at cruise altitude over the Atlantic, smoke came from the
window heating system connected to the first officer's windshield..., 2008 February 01
757 safety concerns The NTSB Friday warned that Boeing's 757
has a problem with its window heating system that can lead to
smoke or fire in the cockpit – a potentially serious safety issue..., 2008 April 15
Airlines poised to plug jets into Internet, 2008 April 17
Alaska and FAA investigating smoke in cockpit, cabin

Table of Contents

Transportation Safety Board
TSB Official Report on Swissair Flight 111
Published  27 March 2003
       Table of Contents
       1.0  Factual Information
               1.14  Fire
               1.6.10  Electrical System
               1.9  Communications
               1.11  Flight Recorders
       2.0  Analysis
       3.0  Conclusions
       4.0  Safety Action
               4.3.3  Aircraft Wiring Issues
       5.0  Appendices
               Appendix C  Swissair 'Smoke of Unknown Origin' Checklist

The Seattle Times

Swissair Flight 111 Archive

Sixty stories

Seattle Times, 1990 May 27
Mcdonnell Douglas Banking On MD-11 Investment

Seattle Times, 1990 June 21
Fast Track - Certification Scramble Goes On
While Mcdonnell Douglas Faces Growing Financial Problems

Seattle Times, 1990 September 04
Boeing, Rivals Play Air-Show Politics
...The GPA Group of Ireland placed firm orders for 12 MD-11s and
options for 23 more, a deal worth $2.5 billion...

Seattle Times, 1990 October 16
Tardy But Technologically Ahead Of Rivals

Seattle Times, 1990 November 09
Mcdonnell Douglas Lands MD-11 Certification
...The 250-400 passenger MD-11 is the first of a new generation of
long-range, widebody jetliners expected to become a major part of
the global commercial transport fleet by the second half of this decade...

Seattle Times, 1991 August 14
Flying Out Of Turmoil - Mcdonnell Douglas Is Beginning To Recuperate
From Dramatic Change, But Challenges Still Ahead

...By any measure, Douglas' financial performance has been abysmal.
Until the first quarter of this year, the company had not made money on aircraft
production since 1974.  No aircraft model generated profits over its lifetime...

Seattle Times, 1992 March 22
Controlling Aerospace - Enter The Dragon: Mcdonnell Douglas And Taiwan
Allowing Foreign Stake In U.S. Aircraft Maker Bodes Ill For Boeing

...For McDonnell Douglas, the proposed deal is a godsend...

Seattle Times, 1992 July 19
Taiwan's Rebuff Leaves Mcdonnell Douglas Scrambling
...After months of prolonged negotiations, Taiwan Aerospace
last month backed out of the agreement...

Seattle Times, 1993 February 14
Down Draft - Troubles Make Future Unclear For Mcdonnell Douglas
But Company Says It's Here To Stay

Seattle Times, 1993 November 09
Mcdonnell Douglas May Cut Production, Magazine Says
...Douglas Aircraft Co. can profitably manufacture as few as 20 MD-11 trijets
and 25 MD-80 twinjets per year between 1994 and the end of 1998...

Seattle Times, 1994 November 15
Mcdonnell Focuses On Commercial Jets
New CEO Changing Jet Maker's Priorities

Seattle Times, 1995 February 06
Mcdonnell Douglas May Halt MD-11 Work, Paper Reports

Seattle Times, 1995 November 16
Boeing Discussing Merger? - Company Reportedly Talking With Mcdonnell Douglas

Seattle Times, 1995 November 17
Analysts Wonder Whether Merger Would Help Boeing

Seattle Times, 1996 December 16
Makers Of Jumbo Jets Whittled To Just One
Once there were three jumbo-jet manufacturers in the United States:
Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing.  Now there is one...

Seattle Times, 1996 December 22
Californians Bullish On Boeing - Mcdonnell-Douglas Deal
Spells Security For Beleaguered Aerospace Workers

Seattle Times, 1997 April 27
What's Ahead For Boeing? - Company Is Strong
But Questions Abound About Mcdonnell Douglas Deal

Seattle Times, 1997 July 26
Jet Makers' Stockholders Bless Buyout - Companies To Merge Aug. 4

Seattle Times, 1997 October 01
Boeing Likely To End Some Douglas Jet Lines

Seattle Times, 1998 June 03
Boeing Plans To Phase Out MD-11
Some Layoffs Likely At Long Beach Division

Seattle Times, 1998 September 03
Pilot Warned Passengers Before Crash - 137 Americans Among Dead

Seattle Times, 1998 September 04
Swissair Releases Names Of 213 Of The Passengers

Seattle Times, 1998 September 04
MD-11 Had Earlier FAA Warnings - Pilots Had Reported Smoke Before Crash

Seattle Times, 1998 September 06
Relatives Of Swissair Crash Victims Send Wreaths Out To Sea

Seattle Times, 1998 September 07
Divers Recover Flight 111'S 'Black Box'
Plane's Cockpit Voice Recorder Still Sought

Seattle Times, 1998 September 08
Last 6 Minutes Of Flight A Mystery - Hints Of Power Failure On Data Recorder;
Rough Seas Hamper Voice-Recorder Rescue

Seattle Times, 1998 September 09
Wire Type On MD-11 Known To Trigger Fires
Kapton Used In Hundreds Of Planes

Seattle Times, 1998 September 11
Swissair Computers Gave Out Faulty Data, Probers Say
Investigation Of Fatal Crash Is Continuing

Seattle Times, 1998 September 12
Cockpit Recorder From Swissair 111 Found By Divers

Seattle Times, 1998 September 13
Cockpit Voices Clear On Tape - Investigators Hope Recording
Will Help Unravel Crash Mystery

Seattle Times, 1998 September 14
Pilots' Words Will Be Sealed Forever Under Canadian Law

Seattle Times, 1998 September 15
Divers Search For Lost Lives, Valuables From Swissair Crash

Seattle Times, 1998 September 18
Swissair Crash Clues May Lie On Ocean Floor

Seattle Times, 1998 September 19
Changes In Flight Recorders Possible,
Missing Data From Crash May Prompt New Rules

Seattle Times, 1998 September 29
Law Spurs Airlines To Aid Families After Major Disaster

Seattle Times, 1998 October 01
Sources: Swissair Jet Had Type Of Insulation Involved In Other Fires

Seattle Times, 1998 October 05
Swissair Flight 111 Recorder Data Reportedly Garbled In Key Spots

Seattle Times, 1998 October 06
Daily Briefing Swissair is considering payments of up to $137,000 to families of
those killed in the Flight 111 crash.  It has already been named in a $50 million
lawsuit by former boxing champion Jake LaMotta, whose son died in the crash...

Seattle Times, 1998 October 15
FAA Recommends That Most Airlines Replace Insulation
...Some aviation officials estimated the price tag for the switch
could total billions of dollars.  The recommendation grew out of the
investigation of Swissair Flight 111, which crashed off the coast of
Nova Scotia last month and killed all 229 people on board....

Seattle Times, 1998 October 16
Airlines Back FAA On Call To Replace Insulation On Jets
Upgrade Fleets Over Time, Industry Says

Seattle Times, 1998 October 30
New Chief Executive At Delta Air Lines
Sees Blue Skies For Once-Fading Airline

...The telephone call that awakened Mullin with news of the crash
was his most searing moment at Delta...

Seattle Times, 1998 November 08
Pilot Or 737 Rudder? Both Eyed In Crash
...Notably, the investigation of this summer's Swissair crash off Halifax,
Nova Scotia, could produce fresh information about how recorders can
shut down prematurely during an unfolding disaster.  The MD-11, made by
McDonnell-Douglas before the company was bought by Boeing, crashed
Sept. 2, killing all 229 on board.  Upon recovering the cockpit and flight data
recorders from the ocean floor, investigators found both devices had stopped
operating about six minutes before the jet hit the water....

Seattle Times, 1998 November 12
FBI tells airlines to inspect electrical switches on MD-11s

Seattle Times, 1998 November 29
Daily Briefing Eleven relatives of victims of Swissair Flight 111 returned
yesterday to the site of the Sept. 2 crash for a ceremony at sea to remember
their loved ones.  They tossed red carnations from a Canadian navy ship into
frigid waters over the wreckage, off the coast of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia....

Seattle Times, 1998 December 09
FAA Orders Inspections Of Wiring On MD-11 Doors

Seattle Times, 1998 December 22
Daily Briefing
Sixteen weeks after the crash of Swissair Flight 111
off the coast of Nova Scotia, police said today that
remains of all 229 victims have been identified.
More than $1 million in U.S. currency has been recovered...

Seattle Times, 1999 March 01
Daily Briefing An airline official said today his company would
pay $135,000 to the relatives of each of the 229 victims of the
Swissair crash off Nova Scotia Sept. 2.  SAirGroup Chief Executive
Philippe Bruggisser said that 25 families had accepted the offer so far...

Seattle Times, 1999 April 21
More Electrical Inspections Ordered For MD-11 Aircraft

Seattle Times, 1999 July 19
FAA Eases Order On Insulation - Tests Designed To Prevent Fires

Seattle Times, 1999 August 05
Swissair Surprises Victims' Families, Takes Responsibility For Fatal Crash

Seattle Times, 1999 August 06
Boeing, Airline Offer Pretrial Settlements For '98 Swissair Crash

Seattle Times, 1999 August 11
FAA To Order Insulation Replacement For 700 Planes

Seattle Times, 1999 August 12
FAA Says 699 Planes Need New Insulation

Seattle Times, 1999 September 01
Daily Briefing Nearly a year after Swissair Flight 111 crashed into
the sea off Nova Scotia, relatives of the victims have traveled to
the fishing villages near the crash site for memorial ceremonies...

Seattle Times, 1999 October 15
Daily Briefing More than a year after the crash of Swissair Flight 111, investigators
have recovered more debris that includes human remains.  Larry Vance, deputy
investigator in charge of the crash probe, said yesterday that human remains and
jewelry were mixed with pieces of the aircraft pulled up late last month...

Seattle Times, 1999 December 15
Safety Changes In MD-11 Airliners Suggested By NTSB

Seattle Times, 1999 December 16
NTSB: Changes Needed In MD-11 Electrical Units

Seattle Times, 2000 May 24
Lloyd's won't dive for gems at Swissair crash site

Seattle Times, 2000 May 26
FAA orders operators to replace insulation on 719 Boeing craft

Seattle Times, 2000 July 06
Top executive at Swissair takes job at travel Web site

Seattle Times, 2000 July 14
An Epidemic of Inaction ...In a September 1998 interview
before his death in the crash of Swissair Flight 111...

Seattle Times, 2000 August 20
Reverberations of a Crash
...Because the World Wide Web emerged during the course of the investigation,
ease of access to documents generated by investigators was unprecedented.
Previously, one had to inspect factual reports and evidence at the NTSB
headquarters in Washington, D.C.  The access to documents and the
general connectedness the Web affords also enabled vigorous scrutiny of
the investigation by critics...

Seattle Times, 2001 August 17
FAA moves to improve aging wiring
...wiring may have started the fire blamed for downing Swissair Flight 111
off the coast of Nova Scotia in September 1998, killing all 229 people on board...

Seattle Times, 2002 March 04
Neutral Swiss vote to join United Nations
...The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks might have influenced the vote by shattering
the Swiss sense that their country could remain immune from world events.
The attacks took a toll by grounding Swissair, the national airline, which already
was suffering from financial woes.  The sense of vulnerability was heightened
Sept. 27, when an armed man entered the regional parliament in Zug, killing
14 people in the country's worst mass killing...

Seattle Times, 2003 March 28
Safety board believes spark led to 1998 Swissair Flight 111 crash

Seattle Times, 2005 April 01
FAA to order insulation in 800 Boeing planes replaced

Seattle Times, 2005 April 02
FAA proposes airlines replace older insulation

Seattle Times, 2007 October 08
Airlines racing to provide Wi-Fi in the sky
...Fierce competition is evident in airline industry itself.
That's in part because the carriers operate on very thin margins.
The profitability of a flight can be determined by just a few
passengers per plane.  And so airlines work very hard to engender
loyalty in their customers.  And since many passengers want Wi-Fi,
and would be willing to switch airlines for it, the race is on
to be wireless in the sky...

Table of Contents

Aviation Safety Network

Swissair Flight 111 Archive

Aviation Safety Network
Accident Description: Swissair MD-11, 1998 Sep 02

Aviation Safety Network
Investigation Timeline: Swissair flight SR 111

Aviation Safety Network
ATC transcript Swissair Flight 111 - 02 Sep 1998

Aviation Safety Network
CVR & FDR (Data Recorders, a.k.a. Black Boxes)

Table of Contents

Air Line Pilots Association

Swissair Flight 111 Archive

Air Line Pilots Association, International

Air Safety Week, 2000 August 21
Growth Accommodated at Expense of Safety Margins, Pilots Proclaim
The intrinsic tension between capacity and safety is being resolved
inexorably in favor of increasing the throughput of airplanes while
eroding safety margins.  This is the strategic view, the overriding
concern, emerging from the Air Line Pilots Association's (ALPA)
46th annual safety forum last week... McCarthy and other ALPA pilots
believe the capacity crunch, and the increasingly baroque efforts
to accommodate growth, stem from a lack of concrete...

Air Safety Week, 2001 August 20
Past Achievements in Safety No Grounds for Complacency
...The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the nation's largest pilots'
union was formed 70 years ago, in 1931, by the committed work of a
small band of airline pilots concerned about safety and "pilot pushing."
Half of the two dozen pilots who met secretly at a Chicago hotel
in 1931 to form ALPA subsequently were killed in air crashes.

The union's motto, "Schedule With Safety," established at the creation,
remains unchanged to this day... (emphasis added)
In 1929 flight safety was a prominent concern.  The aviation fatality
rate was 1,500 times greater than for rail travel, and 900 times greater
than for travel by bus.  In the 1929-1932 time period, a pilot's chances
of getting killed were 300 times greater than for an airline pilot
flying in the 1960s.  In fact, the safety record was so bad that it
wasn't until 1940 that airline pilots could obtain life insurance...

ALPA Journal Air Line Pilot, 2002 February
Training for TinKicking and Beyond TinKicker's School
...the Swissair Flight 111 accident investigation in Canada has been
"a watershed event," because "the TSBC (Transportation Safety Board
of Canada) process morphed into being a lot closer to the [NTSB] party
system.  The TSBC saw the value of broader participation, and
the productive contributions of the pilot group"...

ALPA Journal Air Line Pilot, 2003 May
Criminal Liability & Aircraft Accident Investigation

ALPA Journal Air Line Pilot, 2003 August
Swissair 111: A Needle Found in a Haystack

ALPA Journal Air Line Pilot, 2003 August
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Tenth Anniversary
2 September 2008

Swissair Flight 111 Archive

New Glasgow News, 2008 August 29
Flight 111 remembered
...The call came in, a plane had crashed off Peggy's Cove.
There was no word how large it was – they originally
believed it was a smaller plane – and rescuers began
to mobilize.  The QEII Hospital in Halifax was emptied
and paramedics began racing to the scene.  Matheson was
in the first ambulance to leave Pictou County that night...
When he finally returned home to Pictou County, it was
another 17 months before he had a full night's sleep...

Cape Breton Post, 2008 September 01
N.S. premier honours Swissair victims, assistance of Nova Scotians

Regina Leader-Post, 2008 September 02
N.S. marks 10 years since Swissair crash
...Some family members turned away from the memorial
or walked to a nearby sandy beach to look out at the
distant spot where the place crashed...

Ottawa Citizen, 2008 August 30
More needs to be done on safety: TSB
...Since the TSB released its report into the investigation,
action is still needed in 18 of the 23 recommendations...

Ottawa Citizen, 2008 September 02
Swissair Flight 111 Remembered
...About 100 people gathered at the simple stone memorial
containing the names of everyone aboard the doomed plane...

Charlottetown Guardian, 2008 September 01
TSB investigator recalls being overwhelmed
by Swissair crash off N.S.

..."If we knew the enormity of the task when we arrived,
we would have all probably run for home.  This was probably
the most technologically challenging investigation that has
ever happened.  Not only in terms of aircraft disasters but
in any kind of disaster.  This was enormously complex..."

Kelowna Daily Courier, 2008 September 01
Fishermen recalls nightmarish aftermath of Swissair crash
...As he stood on his charter boat the morning after the
late-night crash, pieces of the 229 passengers aboard
Flight 111 began rising to the surface...

Metro Halifax, 2008 August 29
Former top doc returns for Swissair memorial

Metro Halifax, 2008 September 02
Lessons learned from Swissair crash

Metro Halifax, 2008 September 02
American man remembers brother lost in Swissair crash

CBC News, 2008 September 01
Aviation industry slow to act on safety issues, investigators say

CBC News, 2008 September 02
Critics slam changes to aircraft safety inspection syste

CTV News, 2008 September 02
Families remember victims of Swissair Flight 111

Hamilton Spectator, 2008 September 02
Swissair Flight 111 recalled 10 years later

Sudbury Star, 2008 September 02
Hearts begin to heal 10 years after Swissair crash off Peggy's Cove html

Orléans Star, 2008 September 02
N.S. service remembers 229 victims of Swissair Flight 111, 10 years after crash

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Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

Swissair Flight 111 Memorial, Bayswater Swissair Flight 111 Memorial, Bayswater

Swissair Flight 111 Memorial, Whalesback Swissair Flight 111 Memorial Whalesback

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