Louis Coulon de Villiers

Western Pennsylvania

page 10   (56b)

[page 56b]
Le 3 [3 July 1754] Dès la pointe du...

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Seven Years War: Louis Coulon de Villiers, Journal 1754, page 56b, 1754
Seven Years War       French and Indian War
Journal of Louis Coulon de Villiers, page 10 (56b), 1754

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The family of Coulon de Villiers was prominent in Canadian (New France)
military affairs.  In the mid-1750s there were five officers from this family
in the military service of New France.

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Nicolas-Antoine Coulon de Villiers (1708-1750) by Peter Landry

Les Familles Coulon de Villiers Jumonville by Gladys LaGrange de Villiers

Image of the Original Articles of Capitulation Library of Congress
    (Signed by James Mackay, George Washington, and Coulon de Villiers, at 8pm, 3 July 1754)

Articles of Capitulation United States National Park Service
    (French transcription and English translation)

Augustin de Drucour by Peter Landry
Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Roch de Ramezay by Peter Landry
Charles des Champs de Boishebert by Peter Landry
Louis Francois la Corne by Peter Landry
James Mackay Wikipedia

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Fort Necessity Canadian Military Heritage
An Offensive Against the Ohio Valley Canadian Military Heritage
Forts at the Forks Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Fort Duquesne Wikipedia

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